Evan Morris 1946

Evan Morris (my great grandfather) of Bedfont in the parish of Goytre who died there on 23rd January 1946.
Administration of his estate was granted to William Morgan of Speedwell House Hardwick in the parish of Abergavenny and Wilfred King of 21 Merthyr Road Abergavenny, railway clerk.
This is the last will and testament of me, Evan Morris of “Bedfont” Goytre Pontypool in the County of Monmouthshire, made this 9th day of March 1942.

I give and bequeath unto my son Edwin John Morris, Albert Henry Morris, Ernest Charles Morris and my daughter Florence Garland, also my daughter-in-law, Winnie Morris, the proceeds of the sale of my furniture and household effects which I desire to be sold after my death and to be equally divided between the aforesaid persons. This also refers to outdoor effects of all classes.
I furthermore state I wish the amount payable by the Prudential Assurance Company after payment of my funeral expenses to be equally divided between my four children, Edwin John Morris, Albert Henry Morris, Ernest Charles Morris and Florence Garland, after the amount which Florence and Ernest have paid into the Prudential Assurance Company for me have been deducted and handed over to them.
I furthermore direct that all money in the Post Office Savings Account, National Savings Certificates and all money in the house also due to me from any source, shall, after giving £2 to my niece Gladys Probert,  £2 to Alice Davies,  £2 to Ellen Thomas and all out of pocket expenses to my executors be equally divided amongst my four children.

Signed Evan Morris
Probate 11th April 1946:   £197 3s 8d