Nantyderry School Log Book 1869-1872

1869 Goytrey National Mixed Boys and Girls 1869
Mar-03 Expelled Mary, Ellen, Annie + John Williams for insolent messages from their parents: also Sarah + Matilda Watkins for the same reason  
Mar-08 Miss E Mathews entered upon her duties as sewing mistress  
Nov-12 Resigned charge of the school – Wm Franklin  
Nov-15 Mon: opened school today with 41 children: George Thomas Bright: Admitted Charles Rosser Pengroesoped  
Nov-23 Tues: Annie Bevan wrote very badly this morning at the commencement of her copybook  
Dec-07 Expelled Annie Bevan for her determined disobedience and insolent language to the master  
Dec-08 Having seen Mrs Bevan, I received Annie on certain conditions with her respect to her behaviour  
Feb-18 Fri: 6 boys stayed away from school without leave viz: Joseph + Oliver Charles: John Morgan: John Harris: James Jones: Charles Rosser  
Feb-21 Admitted 6 children today: reproved John Morgan, James Jones + Charles Rosser for staying away last Friday: The remaining 3 mentioned did not come today  
Feb-22 Admitted 2 today: attendance 53: Catherine Meade and her 2 sisters left, the distance being so far as they lived in Monkswood parish  
Feb-24 Joseph + Oliver Charles cautioned today about truant playing the 2nd time  
Mar-28 admitted Frank and Reece Prosser  
Mar-29 admitted Emily + John Dekin  
Apr-04 admitted Sarah, Annie + Emily Watkins  
May-09 admitted John + Mary Morris  
May-10 Mathew and John Heath played truant today  
Jun-29 John and Mathew Heath played truant 2nd time  
Jul-14 Anne Morgan’s mother used insulting language because the girl was confined yesterday for bad behaviour and used several threats  
Jul-21 Rebecca Phillips who was reprimanded for having told many falsehoods absented herself this afternoon and went home  
Jul-26 Rebecca Phillips was sent by her parents to school this morning  
Sep-05 attendance 22: sewing mistress absent it being very wet: admitted Annie Griffin  
Sep-08 Margaret Rosser, James Jones and John Evans not in school today  
Oct-04 admitted Wm Evans in 3rd class  
Oct-14 Fri: att 14: two boys, John + Wm Morris came at 10.35 after the register was marked: Rev Thos Evans visited  
Oct-17 admitted Ruth Phillips  
Nov-17 Eliza Evans, Ruth Phillips and Matilda Mathews reproved for loud laughing during masters absence for 2 minutes  
Jan-25 reproved the boys and girls for their disorderly conduct yesterday evening and especially Elizabeth Bevan for not telling 1872


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