Nantyderry House Sale – 1919

Nantyderry House Sale – 18th July 1919

Some interesting prices were realised by Messrs Straker, Son & Chadwick on Thursday last week.

At the first day’s sale at Nantyderry House, this included the antique effects, china, silver, glass &c., dealers and buyers being present from all parts.

The Georgian silver made up so 29s an oz., and silver salver of 60oz 261/2 gs. Glass was very dear, opaque spiral stem glasses up to £6 6s. A set of eight Chippendale chairs were secured by a Cardiff buyer at 100 guineas and a quarter chime grandfather clock made the same figure.

Oaks buffets up to 33gs. A pair of Dutch cabinets, 66gs. A wither’s safe realised £32.


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