Jones, Mrs A – 1956

August 6th 1956

Mrs A Jones, Goytre

The funeral took place oat Saron Baptist Chapel of Mrs A Jones (84) of 1, Park View, Goytre. The Rev A Rees officiated.

Mourners: Mmes. M Griffiths, G Hayes and N Cottle, daughters, Messrs H A and W Jones, sons; Mrs E Jones, daughter-in-law; Mr W G Griffiths, son-in-law; Mr G Jones, grandson, Mmes. J Murray, M Saunders and M Hayes, grand-daughters; Mr & Mrs E Pritchard, nephew and neice; Messrs E Thomas and B Hayes, sons-in-law; Mrs Roberts.

Messrs S Hayes, C Jones, R Saunders and E Murphy.

Min and Will;  Harry and Doris; Nell and Arthur;  Gert and Bob; Billy, Elsie, Cedric and Gerald;  Arthur, Tom, Peggy, Ray and children;  Edgar, Annie, Stanley, Gwyneth, Margaret, Janet, David and Bryan;  Joan, Mary, Ted and Roy;  Gareth; Jean and Pam, Bristol; Lawrence, Joan and baby Richard;  Basil, Gladys and children, Newcastel;  Emmie, Sid and family;  Lily, Arthur and Louise, Cardiff;  Mrs Shutt and Cyril;  Mr & Mrs Ivor Dobbs; Messrs Ivor and Freddie Jones, BNS;  Mrs Jones,Fred, Bill, Beth and children;  Friends and workmates, Glascoed;  Mrs Powell and Pat;  Mrs Williams and Lal;  Mrs Sexton and family;  Mrs G Jenkins and Stanley;  Mr & Mrs J Owen and Mrs James and boys;  The family of the late Mrs David Jones, The Knoll;  Mr & Mrs R D Cooper and Gwyneth, Pengroesoped;  Mr & Mrs Messenger and Betty;  Mrs & Mrs Rouell and Lyn; Friends of Newtown;  Mr & Mrs Ivor Jenkins, The Knoll;  Walnut Tree Farm;  Mrs R Prosser and family;  Mr & Mrs D J Williams and family, the Nook;  Mrs R Court and family;  Mr & Mrs R Dobbs;  Members and friends Saron Baptist Chapel;  The Old Age Pensioners Association, Goytre Branch.


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