Morgan William 1686

NLW Ref: LL/1686/70

Noverint universi per presents nos Martha Morgan           pochi de Goytre       in Comitatu   Monmouth widow & John William Thomas   of the said parish yeoman         teneri et firmiter obligari…?               bone et Legalis monete Anglie solvendis eidem       aut certo attornato executorbus administrators vel assign suis ad quam quidem solutionem bene et fideliter faciendam obligamus nos et utrumque nostrum per se pro toto et in solidum heredes, executors et administrators nostros firmiter per presents per presentes sigillis nostris sigillatas Date 14th October in the reign of James the Second of England, Scotland France & Ireland King defender of the faith &c Anno dni 1686


The condition of this obligacon is such that if ye above bounden Martha Morgan ye mother & executrix lawfully a… to Rowland Morgan a minor ye executor named in ye last will & testamt of Morgan William late of ye pish of Goytre aforesd deced & … … wth ye will annexed to ye use & dureing ye minority of ye sd do make or cause to be made a true and pfect inventory of all & singular ye goods cattle & chells of the said deceased and the same soe made do exhibite or cause to be exh’ed into the Registry of the Consistory Court of Landaffe att or before the feast St Andrew ye App’le next ensuinge and the same goods & chells will well and truly … accordinge to law by payinge the debts of the sd deced & ye legacies left in his sayd will so far forth as the same goods cattle & chells will thereunto extend and the law binde her & will alsoe render a true and just account of & upon her admon in the presence when shee shall be thereto lawfully required. And lastly will s… harmless the sd Reverend Father in God and all his officers for & touchinge the grantinge of the sd admon that then this present obligacon to be void or else to remaine in full force power & virtue. Martha Morgan; John Wm Thomas


Signed & delivered in the presence of Thos Roberts, NP

A true and pfect inventory of all the goods & chatles of Morgan William of Goytrey late deceased made the tenth day of July Ano Regin Regis Jacobi Scdi Angl &c 1686


£            s            d

Imprimis his wearing appell                                                        ?            05            00

Two potts one brasen & one other iron pott and a smale skeelett    00            05            00

One brasen panne                                                                        00            02            00

One coffer at                                                                                  00            02            00

One spittle & one old hatched                                                    00            00            08

Three smale pewter dishes and fear? Pewter spones             00            01            00

Wooden dishes & wooden smale vessells                                 00            01            06

One doust bed, one rugg, one blankett & one paire of sheets     00            06            00

One rocking cradle                                                                         00            01            00

One smale cow                                                                                 01            00            00

An old mare                                                                                      00            13            04

One bush of muncorne                                                                  00            02            00

02            19            06


praysers   Geo Williams; John William Thomas


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