T255 – In Memory of Col Henry Bird b. 1780

T 255

In Memory of Col. Henry Bird
Born at Detroit U.S. April 24th 1780.

Colonel Bird entered the army in the 29th Regt., was Lieut. In the 94th also in the 5th Regt. Served at Major in the expedition to Hanover in 1805 and at the storming of Buenos Aires in 1886 and in the battles of Roleia and Vimiera in 1807.

In 1809 he served under Sir John Moore in Spain and afterwards in the expedition to Walcheremz. At the siege of Flushing he was made prisoner whilst charging a French Column and upon being restored to liberty at the surrender of that fortress he served in the Peninsular under Lord Wellington and distinguished himself at the battles of Salamanca and Vittoria.

At the close of the Peninsular war in 1815 he returned home to Goytre House in this parish.

In 1822 he was appointed to the 16th Regt. In Ceylon and was deputy Commissary General of that Island.

On the 2nd April 1829 he was seized with Cholera and died the following day leaving a widow and four children and lamented by a wide circle of friends.

Also in Memory of Frances Maria relict of the above who was taken to her rest on the 26th January 1869 aged 85 years


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