John ap John 1679

John ap John, parish of Goytree, sice in body but of good and perfect memory.

To be buried in Xpian burial in the posh church of Llanellen.

Unto Elizabeth my wife all my messuages, lands and tenements wch purchased from William Phillip of Cwmjoy and other lands purchased from Jenkins Parry and Barbara Parry of the pish of Trevethin lying the the parishes of Goytree and Trevethin.

After decease of Elizabeth lands of William Phillip of Cwmjoy unto James John  my eldest son, James giving unto my son William the sum of ten pounds of current English money after the decease of Elizabeth the lands of Jenkins and Barbara Parry unto my son William John.

Unto Elizabeth my said wife, the lands and tenements purchased of Thomas Jones of Lanvrechva after her death unto William John my son.

John ap John – his mark


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