George Williams 1697

NLW Ref: LL/1697/56

George Williams – Goytre

Noverint universi per presents nos Walter Williams           pochi de Goytre     in Comitatu Monmouth Gent       &  William Jenkins of Usk in the same County Gent & William Morris of Mamhilad if the said County, Gent     teneri et firmiter obligari    libris       bone et Legalis monete Anglie solvendis eidem       aut certo attornato executorbus administrators vel assign suis ad quam quidem solutionem bene et fideliter faciendam obligamus nos et utrumque nostrum per se pro toto et in solidum heredes, executors et administrators nostros firmiter per presents per presentes sigillis nostris sigillatas Date 27 April 1697

The condition of this obligation is such that if ye above bounden Walter Williams of   ye pish of Goytre in the County of Monmouth administrator of all and singular ye goods chells and credits of    George Williams     late of ye pish of Goytre aforesaid deceased doe make or cause to be made a true and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods chattells and credits of the said deceased which have or shall come to the hands possession or knowledge of   him the said Walter Williams or into the hands and possession of any person or persons for him and the same soe made doe exhibit or cause to be exhibited into the Registry of the Consistory Court of Landaffe at or before the first day of October next ensuing. And the same goods chattells and credits and all other the goods chattells & credits of the said deceased at the time of his     death which at any time after shall come to the hands or possession of the said Walter James or into the hands & possession of any other person or persons for him doe well and truely administer according to law or further doe make or cause to be made a true and just accompt of   his sd ad’con at or before the 27th day of     April  and all the rest and residue of the said goods chattells and credits wch shall be found remaining upon the said administrators accompt the same being first examined and allowed by the Judge or Judges for the time being of the said Court shall deliver unto such person or persons respectively as the said Judge or Judges by his or their decree or sentence pursuant to the true intent and meaning of a late Act of Parliament made in the two and twentieth and three and twentieth years of ye reigne of our late Soveraigne Lord King Charles the second intitled an Act for ye better settling of intestates estates, shall limitt and appoint. and if it shall hereafter appeare that any last will and Testament was made by the said deceased and the executor or executors therein named doe exhibit the same into the said Court making request to have it allowed and approved accordingly if the said    Walter James         above bounden being thereunto required doe render and deliver the sd Letters of Administration (approbation of such testament being first had and made) in the said Court then this obligation to be void and of none effect or else to remaine in full force and virtue.

Wa: Williams; Will Jenkins; William Morris

Sealed and delivered in the presence of Tho: Maddocks NP. W Jenkins

NOTE: I have used a pro forma for the above. The wording differs slightly from document to document but the gist of it is the same.   DW

NOTE: In the above the bounden Walter Williams seems to be referred to as Walter James. DW

A true & pfecte inventorye of all & singular the goods cattle & psonall estate of George Williams of the pish of Goyterye in the Countye of Monmoth & Diocesse of Landaffe gent late deceased who died intestate being taken & prayed the first day of February in the eighth yeare of the Raygne of King William the third Anno Dom 1696 as followeth


£            s            d

Imprimis his wearing appell prysed to                                                 02            00            00

Ite 3 feather beds & 3 boulsters                                                              03            00            00

On coverled prysed                                                                                    00            05            00

Fower fine sheets                                                                                        00            15            00

Ite eight sheets of courser sorte                                                               00            12            00

Seaven table napkins & on table cloth                                                    00            07            00

Ite all sorts of pewter                                                                                  00            09            00

Two brasse panns prysed to                                                                      01            00            00

& on brasse pott prysed to                                                                         00            09            00

Ite kettles & other brasse prysed to                                                         00            10            00

Ite on iron pott & the stander of the still                                                00            03            00

Ite fower bedsteeds & curtayns & on table carpett                               01            00            00

Ite iron andirons with ye iron backe & iron spitts                                00            12            00

Ite two chests five coffers & two truncks                                                01            10            00

Ite all the wooden vessells prysed to                                                       01            00            00

Item all the impliments of husbandry prysed to                                   01            00            00

Ite two oxen being in the teeme                                                                06            00            00

Item three milch kine prysed to                                                                06            00            00

Three calves prysed                                                                                      01            00            00

Item all the swine or pigs about the howse prysed                                01            17            00

Item all the corne in the barne threshed & unthreshed prysed          06            00            00

Item corne uppon the ground prysed to                                                  02            10            00

Item beans theshed                                                                                      00            02            06

Item all the hay in the ricks & in the howse                                            04            00            00

Ite all sorts of powltery being at the howse                                             00            08            00

Item three horses being prysed to                                                             05            00            00

Ite on silver spoone being prysed to                                                         00            07            00

Item bakon on the rooffe being prysed to                                               01            00            00


Totallem                        48            16            06


Praysors heareunto; William Moris; Charles Jones


(Latin) This inventory was exhibited at Abergavenny 27 April 1697 by Walter Williams


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