Ffortune Morgan 1675

NLW Ref: LL/1676/24

Ffortune Morgan – Goytrey

In the name of God Amen the tenth day of Februarye in the eight & twentith yeare of the raigne of our Sovraigne Lord & King Charles the second, King of England &c Anno Domini 1675 I Fortune Morgan of the pish of Goyterye in the Countye of Monmoth and wthin the Dioces of Landaph widdowe being sicke in boddy but of good & pfecte memorye & remembrance praysed be God for the same doe hereby make & ordeyne this my last will and Testament in manner & forme following (that is to say) First & principallye I comend my soule into the hands of God my maker to Jesus Christ my Redeemer & to the Holly Ghost my santefier by whose meritts mercie & pressious death & passion I hope to saved & to enioy that everlasting kingdom prepared for the faithfull & for my boddye I bequeath it unto the earth from whence it came thence to remayne untill that greate day of the resurrection of the dead & to be buried in decent manner in the pish church of Mamhilad, as for the goods & psonall estate the Lord hath pleased to lend mee I give and bequeath them in manner & forme following.

Item I give & bequeath to Jenkin Rosser my sonn in lawe & Elizabeth my daughter being his wife on kowe collered redd wth a white starr in his forehead & a white tayle towards the dischardging of fiftye shillings wch I owe in smale depts togeather wth eleaven shillings more wch I doe give & bequeath unto the sd Jenkin Rosser & Elizabeth my daughter to be payed unto them by William Thomas Watkin my son wthin the space of three months next after my decease towards the making of a full payment of my whole & due depts.

Item I give & bequeath to my sonn William Thomas on standing cubbard wch standeth in the chamber in my howse being the chamber next unto the high way.

Item I give & bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth one brasse pann one wooden tubb towards bruing two pewter platters & one payre of sheets of flax & one sheet of dowlas & one brasse crocke.

Item I give & bequeath to my grandchild Ann the daughter of George my sonn one brasse crocke.

Item I give & bequeath to Gwenllian Thomas my daughter on lardge chest wch standeth in the roome by the fyer two pewter platters & one payer of hempen sheets.

Item I give & bequeath to George Thomas my sonn on baking iron & one wooden barrell.

Item I give & bequeath to Mary Thomas my grandchild one standing bedsteede of kervers worke & one feather pillober.

Item I give & bequeath to my grandchild Rachell Thomas one pewter platter & one brasse candlesticke

Item I give & bequeath to Cicill William my mayde servant one truckle bedsteede one sheete one bedd case to howlde doust on little barrell or ferkin to hould drinke & one coffer of oken timber.

Item I give & bequeath to my daughter Gwenllian the some of tenn shilling pte & pcell of five pownds wch my sonn William is to pay unto such psons as I shall appoynt them to be payed wthin the space of three months next after my decease to be paid to her accordingly.

Item I give & bequeath to Jenkin Rosser & Elizabeth his wife the full some of three pownds & ninteene shillings being the full remaynder & residue of the fore sayed some of five pownds being due & payable by my sonn William Thomas his bond of tenn pownds for payment there as above said wthin the space of three months next after my decease to be payed unto the said Jenkin & Elizabeth according to the tenure of the sayed bond.

As for any other goods or psonall estate that remayneth in my possession being unbequeathed as afforesaid if any bee, I give & bequeath them to my sonn in lawe Jenkin Rosser & Elizabeth his wife whome I make & ordeyne my whole & joynt executors of this my last will & testament nulling & revoking all former wills & testaments, to see my depts & legacies payed & my funerall expences discharged.

In wittnes whereof I have hereunto put my hand & seale the day, month & yeare first above written. Anno Domi 1675.

The mke of Fortune Morgan

Sealed & deliv’ed in the psence of us the mke of Richard Phe Rosser?; the mke of William Watkin; Derricke Williams

(Latin) Proved 1st April 76 by Jenkin Rosser.   Dd Price, Surrogate


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