County Observer & Monmouthshire Advertiser

Saturday February 13th 1869.

WHAT IS a JUBBINS —John Richards, David Evans, and William Morgan, school-boys, were charged with assaulting James Jones, and trespassing in the National School, at Goytrey. In this case Messrs. Byrde and Evans did not act as magistrates. Mr. Alexander Edwards, appeared for complainant, and Mr. Greenway for the defendants. The complainant deposed that on January 26th, while the schoolmaster of the Goytrey National School was absent from the dinner school; he was in that school eating his dinner, when defendants, and some 18 or 20 other boys belonging to the Goytrey British School, which was a mile off, rushed into the National School in a body, beat the desks and cupboards with sticks, sprinkled the ink about, dragged him out of the schoolroom, saying he must go back to their school, and then beat and kicked him. In cross-examination, complainant said that the British boys called them the “Goytrey Infants,” and they called the British boys “Goytrey Jubbins;” which meant Goytrey donkeys, that they (the National boys) got upon the desks, &c., themselves, and that the boy who struck him with a stick was named John Morgan, not one of the defendants. Another lad gave similar evidence. Mr. Greenway submitted that this was a ridiculous affair, which ought not to have been brought into court, and that the boys would make friends again directly if left to themselves. Mr. Berrington stopped the case, and said the Bench thought that the schoolmasters might deal with it by administering punishment where it was wanted. The costs, 24s., were divided.

April 20th, 1901.

GOYTRE BRITISH SCHOOL. Communications were read from Mr. F. G. W. ,Chalklen, formerly correspondent of the Goytre British School, and from the Rev. Richard A. Byrde, with regard to the water supply there. Mr. Charles, as one of the managers of the School, said that a meeting had been held, and although he was unable to be present himself, he understood that it bad-been decided to sink a well on the School premises.

January 11th, 1902.

West Monmouthshire School.


The following is a list of the candidates who were successful at the examination held on December 17th, 1901:—


1 E. H. Evans, Cwmffrwdoer Board School

2 F. R. Nicholas, Sudbrook Board School, T. Marchant, Blaenavon British Board School

4 W. E. Grey, Griffithstown Board School

5 J. Charles, Goytrey British School

6 D. R. Nicholas, Forge Side Board School

7 R. F. Thurtle, Griffithstown Board School, G. H. Cooke, Griffithstown Board School

9 C. L. Frederick, Eveswell Boys’ School

The successful candidates are requested to attend at the School on Tuesday, the 21st inst., at 9.30 a.m.


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