Bastardy Bonds/Settlements

Bastardy Bonds were issued by the overseers of the poor to ensure illegitimate children do not become a burden on the parish.

Removal orders were given against intruders into the parish who had no legal right of settlement.

5th Jan 1731 – Francis Jenkins to Llanover (removal order)

13th June 1733 – Francis Jenkins legal settlement to Llanover

11th February 1735 – William Francis, settlement in Goytre, worked for one year for John Prichard of Monkswood removed to Monkswood, Jane his wife, Wm and Henry

11th February 1735 – Edward Gibbon – now in Goytre – examination

11th February 1735 – Richard Watkins, Rachel his wife, children William and Mary, settlement in Llanover

23rd January 1739 – Philip Griffiths and Elizabeth his wife, 4 young children removed from Goytre to Raglan

1740 – James Williams, wife Catherine, settled in Bryngwyn

22nd January 1741 – Thomas Harry labourer, Rachel his wife, returned to the parish of Mamhilad

22nd January 1741 – Jane Philips spinster, removed to Lanfoyst

22nd February 1741 – William Price and Alice his wife, William 7, Mary 9, Martha 6, Joshua 5, Rachel 1, returned to Pantague parish

30th March 1741 – William Stephens removed to the parish of Lanvair Kilgeddin

7th February 1742 – William Price, his wife Alice and 5 children return to Pantague

20th October 1743 – Walter Leek and Margaret his wife settlement in Goytre

9th June 1744 – Catherine Thomas, single woman with child or bastard children did charge John Moses (Morris) miller. Bastardy Bond

3rd January 1746 – Jane Phillips, widow, daughter Jane 4, Francis 2. Legally settled in Llanvetherine

12th January 1746 – David Vallant (Valentine) and Elizabeth his wife, Mary 4, David 2, settled in Clytha

17th January 1746 – Ann Leek, Llanvihangel Veda, Glamorgan. Charles Leek her father, settlement in Goytre

27th January 1746 – William Howole and Mary his wife returned to Trostrey

14th July 1747 – Ann Stephens, with child, father William of Goytre. William Evans Llanvihangel nigh Usk is the father

23rd January 1748 – John Watkins, labourer, Martha his wife, 7 children, Jacob, Mary, Martha, Abraham, William, Anne and Margaret, returned to Mamhilad

23rd January 1748 – Edward Poyskins, Mary his wife, Thomas 4yrs 6mths, Mary, 2yrs 6mths, returned to Mamhilad

12th March 1750 – Mary Phillips returned to the parish of Llandenny

27th February 1753 – John George and Catherine his wife, 3 children, Isaac about 6 years, Benjamin George about 4 years and Maria, legally settled in Llanover

31st May 1756 – Thomas Evans, labourer and Alice his wife, and daughter Mary, legally settled in Gwehelog

2nd May 1757 – Richard Jones and Ann his wife, children Edward and Richard, legally settled in Llantilio Crossenny

16th December 1757 – William Gwilliam, labourer, Ann his wife, daughter Annie, legally settle in Monkswood

2nd May 1758 – Morgan Richards – Ann his wife, 4 children, John about 10, Morgan about 7, Joan about 5, Mary about 3, legally settled in Bettws Newydd

27th July 1758 – Elizabeth Saunders of Goytre, Thomas Daniel of Trevethin stands £100 bastardy bond

1760 – Charlotte Bevan Llandenny, returned to Goytre

24th January 1769 – Ann Waters, spinster, legally settled in Goytre, intruded into Abergavenny

24th January 1769 – Thomas Leeks, a poor boy in the parish of Goytre, apprenticed to Robert Thomas the younger, for 7 years to learn the art of Cordwainer

12th February 1772 – John Leeks, parish of Trevethin, his father William a collier was a parishioner of Goytre. Mother, Mary, 56, removed from the parish of Trevethin to Goytre where she was received and supported by the inhabitants of Goytre

1772 – David Valentine, the younger, intruder into the parish of Goytre, was born in Bettwys Newydd, lived as a servant to William Morgan Mamhilad for £3 5s. Then Abraham Williams, Stavarney, Monkswood. 3 years ago married Ann Phillips by banns Llanvair Kilgeddin, 1 child about 1 year, William, aged about 30 years

11th April 1774 – Thomas Phillips, Ystradgunlis Brecon. One year to Watkins Howell, Llaneston, Glamorgan

11th April 1774 – John Morgan, intruder, born Llanover

11th April 1774 – William Mathews, intruder, born Llanthewy Vach

11th April 1774 – examination of William Prosser born Gwehellogg

11th April 1774 – Francis Valentine born Goytre about 30 years ago

11th April 1774 – William Valentine, son of Francis gained settlement in the parish of Goytrey in his own right

11th April 1774 – John Williams intruder in the parish of Goytrey, born Monkswood, married Elizabeth Lewis Goytrey

31st January 1775 – John Morgan Evans, born Goytre, John Morgan father lives in Goytre. Married Martha Lewis

3rd February 1778 – John Nicholas, wife Elizabeth, daughter Hannah 3 years, Ann, 1 year, removed to Cwmyoy

1779 – Ann James bastardy child. Father Thomas Jenkins Llanover, £50 bond

1779 – Elizabeth Valentine. £50 bond against William Jenkins.

5th January 1779 – Ann Williams female child, father Lewis Williams of Goytrey, £40 bond from Rogerstone parish

5th July 1779 – Elizabeth Stephens, otherwise Evans, single woman, removed to Glascoed

7th April 1780 – Evan David yeoman, removed from Goytrey to Llanvair Kilgeddin

6th February 1780 – Anne Harris Llanover, male child, bond by Jenkin Daniel and William Jones

30th March 1781 – Charles Leek charcoal collier settlement from Lisvane now parish of Goytrey

30th April 1781 – David Valentine of Monkswood settlement order to Goytrey

4th December 1783 – Elizabeth Williams Kemeys Commander, now lying at her father’s house,  bastard child, father William Williams of Goytrey

26th February 1788 – bastardy bond Elizabeth Waters, father Thomas Gunter, bond £50

14th January 1789 – bastardy bond, Elizabeth Phillips Llanover, father Edward George of Llanwern, bond £40

11th September 1790 – order to the churchwardens and overseers of the poor of the parish of Goytrey in Monmouthshire to distrain the estate of Thomas Williams, (who left his wife and children) for the upkeep of his wife Mary.

1790 – Mary Watkins of Monkswood, settled Goytre

14th March 1795 – examination of Mary Leek a vagabond to settle in Goytrey

20th August 1801 – Richard Jeremiah to serve in the militia – William Edward has served, to be paid £12

29th January 1805 – Elizabeth Cadogan returned

1805 – Jane Watkins, father of the child is William Watkins, a farming servant to Mr Thomas Lloyd of Llanover

1805 – James Lewis, father William Lewis, farming servant at Mr Thomas Lloyd, Llanover and Ann Williams of the parish of Goytre

1805 – Ann James of the parish of Goytre £50 bond against Roderick Jenkins

27th December 1811 –  Jane Higgins parish of Clytha, with child, a bastard in the workhouse at Goytrey

23rd April 1813 – Larc Rosser  now in Trevethin, with child, to be a bastard.  Father John Prosser of the parish of Llanelly

2nd May 1815 – examination of Mary Edward with child, father Thomas William, hoopmaker of this county

29th December 1815 – Ann Jenkins singlewoman, bastard child, William Jacobs or Edwards father

29th June 1816 – Joseph Nait miner, born Malmesbury, no settlement

4th June 1816 – Mary Nicholas male bastard child in Coleford, father William Phillips

23rd January 1817 – William Phillips and family returned to the parish of Mamhilad

24-27th December – Gwillim Williams illegal settlement in Llanellen, returned to Goytrey with his children

4th June 1818 – James Dunn and family removed from Goytrey to Bell Broughton, Worcs.

20th June 1818 – The churchwardens and overseers of the poor of the parish of Bell Broughton intend to commence and prosecute an appeal against the order concerning the removal of James Dunn from the parish of Goytrey.

31st August 1818 – James Dunn from Goytrey to Penalt

31st August 1822 – examination of Gwenllyan Jones and Henry Lewis living Bwrgwm

31st August 1822 – Henry Lewis and Gwellian Jones both declared they were living,  at Bwrgwm, prior to the marriage

26th April 1825 – settlement George Averille paid by Gloster overseers to stay in Abergavenny

7th January 1825 – Rachel James bastard child, father John Russell labourer

1st June 1825 – Elizabeth Yeo or Lee, Llanvair Kilgeddin with child, in Goytrey workhouse, returned to her parish

21st March 1826  – Ann Bevan, illegitimate child, father Charles Davies Monkswood

20th February 1826 – settlement of John Nicklass of Dixon, apprentice to Francis Morgan

21st May 1832 – settlement of Charlotte Bevan, at 14 hired to James Prosser, wages £3 per year

14th October 1833 – William Watts removed from Goytrey to Monkswood

9th March 1835 – settlement of William Walter of Spittal, father from Goytrey

6th April 1835 – Maria Davies. Father Richard Jeremiah, to pay 12/- at 2/6 per week

26th January 1837 – Notice that the churchwardens and overseers of the poor of the parish of Usk intend to appeal for an order upon Thomas Stevens of the parish of Goytrey for maintenance of the illegitimate child of Mary Jenkins

1836 – Mary Jenkins, male bastard child in Usk

4th March – John Nicholas 11 years old apprentice to John Watkin Llangview, farmer

4th March – Elizabeth Valentine pregnant with bastard child, William Jenkins father of Goytrey

4th March – David Valentine intruder into Goytrey, born Bettws Newith

Not dated – Mary David. John Jones, father of a male child £40 bond

Not dated –  Ann James of the parish of Goytrey £50 bond against Roderick Jenkins

Not dated – David Jones and Ann his wife

Not dated – Elizabeth Neate, male bastard child, of Pantague

Not dated – Ann Phillips, 89, to be paid 2/6 weekly as long as an arrangement may exist between her son and the parish of Goytre to occupy a house and land in the parish of Goytre. He will bind himself to pay £5 yearly. Ann Phillips died, allowed 24/- for this paupers funeral

Not dated – Rachel James, resides Pontypool, out-pauper from Goytrey, allowed 1/- a week. To increase to 1/6 per week and allowed 2/- temporary relief

Not dated – Walter Jones, pauper, wife and 5 children, pay to be continued or he will be ordered to the workhouse

Not dated – John Lewis, not supporting his wife and family. Unable to find him, warrant issued against him, wife and child chargeable to the parish of Goytrey


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