Letter from Mr Edward Hazel to Henry Bird – Detroit 1790


May 14th 1790 – Capt. Bird.    Mouth of the River Detroit.


I have been informed by D Harffy of your kind intention of sending me a few goods to assist me in the support of my family.

I did not accept of your kind offer after last summer as I had some hopes of having the pleasure of you being in this country. At present I shall be much obliged to you to complete the Miland order that Mr Macombe has been good as to write for me and who has during your absence paid me and my family great attention. You will please to him the goods packed in small bales mkd with your own name HB and consigned to Robert Ellis HD merchnts Detroit who will take the trouble of paying the inland navigation and delivering the goods to me and then I can see them. I will deliver the package to Mr Macomb on your order. (I have not been able to clear more than about 30 acres of land on the 2 farms as you will know without money or assistance little can be done in this country. If you send me the above goods I shall be able to make some improvements on the land situated on the back creek.)

I have wrote you several letters and am happy to hear that yourself and family enjoy good health.

I have 3 children, Beth, Sally and Richard and if I have good luck this summer will produce a fourth.

My wife joins with me in your grand wishes to yourself, Mrs Bird and family

I remain Sir and with R

Your obedient servt

 Edward Hazel


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