Walter Herbert 1684

NLW Ref: LL/1684/47

Walter James Herbert ~ Goytrey

14th May 1688

The condition of this obligation is such yt wheras letters of Administration are to be granted unto ye above bounden Florence James Herbert of all ye goods, cattles and chattels and c of Walter James Herbert late of ye pish of Goitre aforesaid, deceased.

If therefore ye said Florence doe make or cause to be made a true and pfect inventory of all and singular the goods chells and credits of the sayd deceased wch have or shall come to the hands poss’ion or knowledge of the sayd Florence or into the hands and poss’ion of any other pson or psons for her and the same soe made doe exhibite or cause to be exhibited into the registry of the consistory courte of Landaffe at or before the 29th dai of 7ber next ensuing and the samne goods chells and credits and all other the goods chells and credits of the sayd Florence or into the hands and poss’ion of any other pson or psons for her doe well and truly administer according to law and further doe make or caise to be made a true and just account of her sayd admon at or before the 10th day of May next.

And all the rest and residue of the sayd goods chells and credits wch shall be found remaining upon the sayd ad’strators account ye same being first examined and allowed by the Judge or Judges for the tyme being of the sayd court shall deliver and pay unto sych pson or psons respectively as the sayd Judge or Judges by his or their decree or sentence pursuant to the true intent and meaning of a late Act of Parliam’t in yt behalf made and pvided shall make and appointe.

And if it shall hereafter appeare that any last will and testam’t was made by the deceased and ye executors or executrix there in named doe exhibit ye same into ye sayd court making request to have it allowed and approved accordingly if the sayd Florence above bounden being thereunto required doe render and deliver ye sayd letter of Administration approbacon of such testm’t being first had and made in the sayd Courte, then this psent obligacon to be voyd and of none effect or selse to remayne in full force.

Ye marke of Florence James Herbert

Ye marke of John William

Signed and deliverd in the presence of

Jo: Watkins

Wm Pritchard

John Walter James ~ by marke

The true & pffecte inventory of all the goodes cattells and chattells of Walter James Herbert of Goytre in the County of Monmoth & within the diocesse of Landaph yeoman late deceased taken & prised the nineteenth day of July in the yeare of o’r Lord God accordinge to the English computaccon one thousand six hundred eighty & fower as followeth


£            s            d

Imprimis the decedents weareinge appll prised at                                     00            10            00

Ite fower oxen prised at                                                                                    05            00            00

Ite three kine prised at                                                                                      04            00            00

Ite three hayfers prised at                                                                                 01            10            00

Ite two horses & a mare prised at                                                                    03            00            00

Ite twelve sheepe & six lambs prised at                                                          01            07            00

Ite seaven acres of wheate prised at                                                                01            15            00

Ite of barly two acres and a halfe prised at                                                    00            10            00

Ite two acres of Oates prised at & three acres more of oates                     00            15            00

Ite one acre of pease prised at                                                                          00            04            00

Ite one measmath? of hay prised at                                                                00            05            00

Ite 3 piggs prised at                                                                                            00            08            00

Ite two calfe prised at                                                                                         00            05?            00

Ite all impleam’ts of houshould stuffe prised at                                           05            00            00


Suma totall                        24            09            00


Prisers names: the mke of William (X) James; the mke of Roger (X) Jenkin; the mke of John (W) William


Exhibited 14 June 88


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