Thomas Griffith 1626

NLW Ref: LL/1626/25

Memorand’ that Thomas Griffith of Coytie wthin the diocs of Landaph beinge sicke in body nevertheles of good & pfect remembrance laud & praise bee to thallmightie God did the xiith daie of February 1625 make & ordaine his last will & testam’t nucupatively in man’ & forme followinge (viz) First hee comended his soule into the hands of the Allmightie God his maker & redeemer & his body to bee buried in Christian buriall. Itm hee did give & bequeath to the Cathedrall Church of Landaph vid. Item hee did give & bequeath towards the r’pacon of the pishe church of Coytie viid. Item hee did give & bequeath to the poore people of the higher pcell of the said pishe of Coytie xiid. Item hee did give & bequeath to Thomas William his graund child xs. Item hee did give & bequeath to Edward Daniel his graund child xs. Item hee did give and bequeath unto Cissyll Thomas & Mary Thomas his graund children xs a peece. All wch legacs to bee payd by his executors heerafter named. The residue of all his goods & cattells not before bequeathed hee did give and bequeath to Mawde Owen his wedded wiffe & Wenllian their daughter equally to bee divided beetween them whome hee made joynte executors of his last will and Testam’t, the best pte therof to bee at the free choyce & eleccon of his said wiffe. And his will was that his said wiffe should have the use of all his houshold stuffe to serve her wel duringe her liffe. And that Wenllian his said daughter should have his best brassen crooke and pann after the decesse of her said mother wth the moytie of all other his said houshold stuffe whatsoev’. Item hee did desire his lovinge freinds & neighbours Harry the Sant & Griffith William to bee overseers of his last will & Testam’t to see the same in all counts fullfilled wittnessed at the publishinge therof Owen Thomas, Griffith William, John ap John who the…

Proved at Cowbridge 12 April 1626 before …? Gwyn … Doctor …

NOTE: The front of this document has been marked as “Goytrey” in what looks like a modern hand. This Will was proved at Cowbridge – Coity is only a few miles away (just outside Bridgend). DW

Sisell Watkin 1624

The true inventorye of all the goodes and cattles of Sissill Watkin of the pishe of Goytre in the Cou of Monmoth & wthin the dioces of Landaph prissed by John Edward Wm … of the same & Robert Jenkin of the same

Im’rs in the hands of Mr Walter Johnes       xl

Ite three pours? sheets & a rouge?         vi

Ite nyme peece of pewder & one iron potte        viii

Ite two brasen crocks & two brasen pannes        viii

Ite all the rest & implement of the howshould stuff       v

Suma tot                        £xli   viis

Morgan Harry 1628

In the name of God Amen the xiith daie of October in the yere of o’ Lord God accordinge to the computacon of the Church of England one thowsand sixe hundreth twentie and fower I Morgan Harry of the pishe of Coitre wthin the diocs of Landaff beinge sick in bodie but of good and pfect memorie praised by God doe make and ordaine this my pu’te testamt comprehendinge my last will in forme followinge vizt first and principallie I comend my soule unto Allmightie God my Creator and to Jesus Christ my Redeamer and my bodie to be buried in Xpian buriall. Item I give and bequeath unto Gwenllian John my sister and to Ales Willim my neese all my goods cattell and chattels whatsoev’ (exceptinge a lease of a cottage and a pcell of land situat and lyinge in Coitre aforesaid wch I hold of the Right Ho:ble Henry Lord Bergavenny wch said lease I give and bequeath to my said neese Ales Willm and I doe nominat and appointe the said Gwenllian John sole executrix of this my last will and testamt wittnesses hereunto John Thomas, John Prosser of Coitre, Watkin John Thomas of the same.

Proved at Xpchurch xvi June 1628 …?

A true inventarie of all the goods and chattels of Morgan Harry late of Coitre in the diocs of Landaffe late deceased praysed by William Morgan, Richard Morgan and Thomas Jones as followeth

Impr’s a lease of a cottage and of a pcell of land thereunto adioyninge situat and

lyinge in Coitre in the Countie of Monmoth                                                            xxs

It his pte of one other lease of an other cottage and pcell of land thereunto

adioyninge in the occupacon of George Thomas in Coitre aforesaid                        xs

It five peeces of pewter and his pte of one iron pott                                                            iiiis

It one brasen pott and one brasen pann                                                                        iiiis

It two course sheetes and pte of one rugg or bed coveringe                                                iiis

It all the residue of the howshold stuffe                                                                        ii

It a certaine debt owinge by the Parson of Lanvair Galgeedin                                                £xvi

Suma total the testators debts and funerall expences deducted £xvii

The testators debts by him owinge and his funerall expences £xx

Cissell Watkin 1624

NLW Ref: LL/1624/22

Cissell Watkin – Goytre

In the name of God Amen the xth daie of June 1624 I Cissell Watkin of the pishe of Goitre wthin the Counte of Monmothe and diocesse of Landaffe beinge sicke in bodie and yt of good and pfecte remembrannce laude and praise be unto God therefore dow make and ordaine my laste will and testament in maner and forme foloinge.

Firste and principallie I geve and bequethe my sowlle to the allmightie God my onllie maker and redemer and my bodi to be buried wthin the pishe churche of Goitre. Item I geve to the Cathedrall Churche of Landaffe iid

Item I geve and bequethe unto my tow chilldren viz that ys to saie Mary an Cissell and it cauled by the name of Morgan Harri and unto my doghter Gwenllian Cissell? and yt knowen by the name of Gwenllian John Morgan all and singular my moveablles and howshoulld stuffe wth one lease the wch I howllde by the graunte of the Righte Honorablle the Lorde of Abergavenni for certen yeres it to come and whereof? my brother William Watkin decesed and my sellfe have bargened and soulld one tenement and certaine landes thereunto adioning containge by estimacion thirtie akers or there aboutes unto Mr Water Jones pson of Lanvaire unto him and his hereis for ever for the entire sum of fortie poundes the wch said rematinthe? in moste parte in the handes of the seid Mr Jones and unpaied and of the fore seid sum of fortie poundes and everi parte and parcell thereof I dow by thes p’sens I dow geve and bequethe all my righte titell and intereste unto my tow chilldren aforenamed to be equallie and indisserentllie? parted betwine them by the divecion of to howse … and of this my last will I dow nominate and a poinnte Morgan Cissell there wise Morgan Harri to be sole executor of this my laste will

Sealed and delivered in the p’senes of us

Water Moris;

Richard John;

Margaret Thomas;

David Watkins


(Latin) Proved at Usk 16 June 1624 before … Jones, Surrogate