Richard Augustus Byrde 1870

Rev. Richard Augustus Byrde 1870

26th March 1870

(Cottages in centre of village –  Rose and Phoenix)

  1. Rt Hon Wm Neville Earl of Abergavenny
  2. Richard Augustus Byrde of parish Trostrey clerk

A piece of land with decayed cottages and blacksmiths shop and two pieces of garden ground on either side of the parish road (except for 30 perches of land granted by lease to John Prosser in 1838) all lying at Penpellenny, parish of Goytrey with all appurtenances for 21 years at £1. 1s 0d

(2) To rebuild the cottage and smiths shop and to erect on the garden ground a brick or stone house at a minimum cost of £150

Each with small plan each copy.