Juhanne verch Rys 1537

24th July 1537 Badminton Estate 547

Grant by Matilda verch Wylym late relict of Rice ap John of the parish of Goitre in the Lordship of Bergavenny, widow and David ap Rys of the town of Bergavenny burgess to Juhanne verch Rys, the wife of Lewis ap Richard and Walter Lewys:

8 parcels of arable land and meadow in the parish of Goytree in the Lordship of Bergavenny. In length between the Lord’s waste there called Cefn Meinoc on one lead and the land of the said Matilda ap David on the other and in bredth between the lands of the said Matilda ap David on one side of the said waste and the way leading from the mansion of the said Matilda to the Lord’s waste on the other.

Rendering 2d per annum and double rent as heriot


George Herbert esquire, the Steward of Bergavenny

Robert John – Master Sergent

Wm. ap Ievan ap Richard

Hoel ap William

Thomas ap Jankin

David Mathew

Given at Goytree