Margaret Jenkin 1683

NLW Ref: LL/1683/30

The condition of this obligation is such whereas letters of Admon of all and singular, the goods, cattles and chattles of Margaret Jenkin late of Goytrey deceased are granted unto William Jenkin of the pish aforesaid doe make or cause to be made a true and pfect inventory of all and singular the goods, cattles and credits of the sayd deceased wch have or shall come into the hands possion or knowledge of the sayd William Jenkin or into the hand possion of knowledge of any other pson or psons for him and the same soe made doe exhibit or cause to be exhibited into the Registry of the Episcopall Courte of Landaffe at or before the twentith day of June next ensuing. And the same goods, chattles and credits of the sayd deceased at the tyme of death wch at any time or tyme after shall come to the hands or possion of the sayd William Jenkin.

All the rest and residue of the sayd goods, chattles and credits wch shall be found remayning upon the sayd administrators accompt the same being examined and allowed by the Judge or Judges for the tyme being of the sayd Courte shall deliv’ and pay unto such pson or psons respectively as the sayd Judge or Judges by his or their decree or sentence or pursuant to the true intent and meaning of a certain Act of Parliament intituled an act for the better settling of intestate estate shall lymite and appoint and if it shall hereafter appeare that any last will and testament was made by the deceased and the executor or executors therein named makeing request to have it allowed and approved of accordingly if the sayed William Jenkin wthin bounden being thereunto required doe render and deliver the sayd letters of administration.

The mark of William Jenkin

The mark of George Jenkin

William Williams


Sealed and dellivered in the p’sence of Tho: Prichard


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