John Harry 1687

In the name of God Amen I John Harry the twelfth day of May in the third yeare of the Reigne of our Sovereigne Lord Kinge James the second by the grace of God Kinge of England Scotland France and Eirland Kinge defender of the faith Annoq domini 1687 I John Harry of the parish of Goytre and County of Monmoth yeom being sick in boddy yet of good and perfect memory God be praised doe make ordeine this my last will and testament in maner and forme following that is to say. First I doe comend my soule to Allmighty God my maker and reddemer and my boddy to be burried in Christian buriall in the parish church of Goytre and alsoe I doe give and bequeath towards the Cathedrall Church of Landaph six pence. Ite I give and bequeath unto my wife Florence Powell one black cow and one red horse. Ite I give and bequeath unto my well beloved wife Florence two oxen during her life time and after her desese unto Elizabeth Harry my well belloved daughter. Item I give and bequeath unto Elizabeth Harry my daughter two black cowes with a white forhed. Item I give and bequeath all my corne growing uppon the ground where I doe live now unto ….? daughter Elizabeth Harry and uppon condition that the said Elizabeth shall lend unto her brother William Harry the sume of six bushell of wheat and muncorne and likewise the sume of eight bussell of oats and the sume of four bushell of barlley the first or second year after to be …?   Ite I give and bequeath all my househould stufe unto my well belloved wife Flourence Powell during her naturall life and after her desese unto my daughter Elizabeth Harry and to her assignes. Ite I give and bequeath unto my well beloved sone all the beeds? that is with in the house and with out unto William my said sone and all the furnitures that doth belonge to the oxen and I doe nominate and appoynt my well beloved daghter Elizabeth Harry to be sole executrix of this my last will and Testament. In witnes whereof I have hereunto put my hand and seal the day month and yeare above writen.

Sign John (JH) Harry

Signed sealled testified and declared in the presents of Thomas Jenkin his (TJ) mark; Thomas Jenkin; William Morgan

The true & pfect inventorye of all the goods chattle & chattells of John Harry of the pish of Goyterye & Countye of Monmoth yeoman late deced made the 30th day of May in the yeare of our Lord God 1687


£            s            d

Imp’mo his wearing app’ell                                                           1            10            0

Item on coople of blacke oxen                                                       4            0            0

Item three cowes                                                                              3            0            0

Payd to Jane Horbort?                                                                1            0            0

Item on little horse                                                                           1            0            0

Item on coulte                                                                                   0            10            0

Item three beds with theyer furnitures                                        2            4            0

Item on chest & on skreene                                                            0            3            0

Item on chayer                                                                                  0            0            6

Item two crocks & on brasse pan                                                  0            4            0

Item three pewter platters                                                              0            1            0

Item wooden vessells that doth belonge to the howse              0            3            0

Item fower acres of munckorne & wheate                                    1            0            0

Item six acres of oates                                                                       0            15            0

Item on acre of barley                                                                       0            3            0

Item all the treeks                                                                              0            1            6

Item paid towards his funerall expences                                       6            10            0

…? from Thomas Prosser                                                            1            4            0


totall                 14            14            06


Item payd towards his funerall expences                                        6            10            0

Item payed to Richard Lewis by bond                                       05            06            00

Item payd to Phillip Watkin                                                        02            00            00


Prised by us whose names are heare under written the day month & yeare above written: Abell Lewis; William Prichard his mke (X); William Morgan


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