Goytrey Grooms Marriages 1813-1837

John Adams Goytre to Charlotte Bevan 11/11/1833 Goytre
Thomas Allway Goytre to Elizabeth Bevan 08/07/1824 Goytre
William Bevan Goytre to Mary Williams 09/06/1823 llanover
William Charles Mamhilad to Elizabeth Williams 03/03/1829 Goytre
James Cobner Goytre to Charlotte Williams   Goytre
David Davies Goytre to Elizabeth Jeremiah 07/11/1835L Trevethin
David Davies Goytre to Rachel Phillips 14/05/1825 Llanellen
Evan Evans Llanelly to Mary Williams 31/03/1830 Goytre
John Evans Goytre to Elizabeth Phillips 24/08/1836L St. Woolos
Henry Edwards Goytre to Jennet Morris 21/05/1820 L. Kilgeddin
James Edwards Goytre to Mary Jones 16/07/1833 Llanfoist
William Griffiths Goytre to Margaret Price 08/05/1827 Mamhilad
John James Goytre to Blanche Cadwallader 19/05/1822L L. Kilgeddin
William Jenkins Goytre to Mary Walters 15/05/1826 Llanwenarth
William Jeremiah Goytre to Elizabeth Herbert 09/07/1820 Llanellen
William Jones Goytre to Ann Griffiths 25/05/1826 Abergavenny
John Lewis Mamhilad to Maria Jones 07/03/1826 Mamhilad
John Lewis Goytre to Elizabeth Thackway 12/05/1835 L. Kilgeddin
Samuel Walters Goytre to Mary Williams 30.3.1835L Grosmont
Benjamin Williams Goytre to Mary Williams 07/09/1835L Mamhilad
John Williams Goytre to Margaret Williams 07/01/1832 Llanbadock
William Williams Goytre to Harriet Evans/ Clytha 17.5.1832 Llanarth



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